“Traveling.  It leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller”.  -some wise person

Last summer, we made our way through Italy where we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the art and architecture, the amazing history, the friendly people, the delicious food, and the intense heat!

After weighing all of our options, we decided that for our 2016 summer trip we really wanted to return to France.  Our 2014 visit to Paris was amazing, but it only included a few day trips to towns no more than an hour outside of the city.  So in planning this year’s trip,  we had to decide how to divvy up the 2 weeks….where to go and what to see.   Ultimately we knew that we wanted to:  1) revisit Paris, the most beautiful city in the world and 2) relax  on this trip and visit somewhere warm and near the sea.  So this year’s journey will begin in Paris and quickly move south to Provence, the sun-filled region with fields of lavender and dotted with ancient hill towns.  This is the land made famous by artists such as Van Gogh, who painted its sunflowers and starry nights.



After a few days in the City of Light, we will take a high speed train down to the medieval town of Avignon for a brief visit.




Avignon, France


After picking up a rental car in Avignon, we will spend some time at a resort in the heart of Provence located in a little town called Les Baux.  From this home base, we will explore several of the hill towns in the area and visit some Roman ruins scattered throughout the countryside.


Gordes, France




Our Hotel in Les Baux



Pont du Gard (a Roman aqueduct from 60 A.D.)


From Provence, we will make our way to the coast and visit the French Riviera with our home base in Nice.




Nice, France.  The Cote d’Azur a/k/a The French Riviera




Our apartment in Nice facing the Mediterranean Sea. 


Finally, we will end our journey with a quick flight to Barcelona ( in Spain) where we will explore the sights, smells and tastes of this seaside city.


Check back on July 2nd for my first blog post!  Until then…wish this traveling trio a bon voyage!

We are the Jones Family from New York City's vibrant East Village neighborhood. My wife and I are both architects...we love art and architecture... and I love photographing all aspects of our travel expeditions. Our 9 year old is already filling up her passport and enjoys discovering the joys of Europe. We caught the international travel bug a few years ago, and now we love to explore different cultures and to see the great big world that is out there!

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