Last year, we enjoyed two amazing weeks in Paris… definitely the most beautiful city we have ever seen!  I also had the pleasure of sharing our trip with everyone by creating this travel blog.  Each blog post represents about 2 to 3 hours of work every night (after long days of sightseeing)…but I loved every minute of it.  Everyone knows I like to take pictures, and it’s fun to write about all of the things we see and eat and experience.

This year we are headed to Italy for two weeks!  We leave on July 4th and begin our adventure in Milan.  We are also making stops in Venice, Bologna, Florence and finally to Rome.

map itenirary

As I did last year, when I create a new blog post, I will add a link on Facebook to remind everyone to check out what we are up to.   Since it does take a lot of time to prepare each blog post, I do ask that you leave a comment once in while  (I need to feel the love)…it’s nice to get some feedback.

So, grab your passport and come along with us to Italy!

We are the Jones Family from New York City's vibrant East Village neighborhood. My wife and I are both architects...we love art and architecture... and I love photographing all aspects of our travel expeditions. Our 9 year old is already filling up her passport and enjoys discovering the joys of Europe. We caught the international travel bug a few years ago, and now we love to explore different cultures and to see the great big world that is out there!

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