Morning Side Note on Day 7: Strange Food


One of the most interesting things about traveling abroad is seeing what other people eat!  Obviously, we have French restaurants in the US…but it’s fun to go into a grocery store in Paris and see what the locals have to choose from.

It’s also quite a challenge to go into a store, not knowing French, and figuring out what kind of milk is skim…or what flavor something is….trying to figure out their nutritional charts…it’s all pretty different.  Luckily, packaging is similar, so skim milk tends to have light blue caps, like in the US (but they don’t sell big containers of milk over here and it is fresher, so it doesn’t last as long).

Other observation….no big surprise…there are a lot of sweet things everywhere.  French people LOVE sugar.  Their chocolate aisle is endless…every sort of chocolate (good chocolate–not Snickers) you can imagine.  But chips and crackers are very hard to find.  They have a few French versions of Amercian potato chips…very odd flavors.  Yesterday, I saw Cheeseburger Lays.




How many ways can you say “tomato”



We eat French Fries…they eat American Sandwich bread


This was sheeps milk yogurt…it was really delicious…kind of like cottage cheese meets custard.

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