Finally,…after planning this trip since January, departure day has arrived!

Another bad round of thunderstorms is approaching New York City this evening, so we are hoping to take off ahead of them! Fingers crossed.

We depart at 7:00PM…the flight is 7 hours, and we arrive at 8:30AM Paris time! I don’t know how much sleep we will get, but regardless, we plan to hit the ground running.

Time to stow my “approved electronic device”. We will check in once we have arrived!



We are the Jones Family from New York City's vibrant East Village neighborhood. My wife and I are both architects...we love art and architecture... and I love photographing all aspects of our travel expeditions. Our 9 year old is already filling up her passport and enjoys discovering the joys of Europe. We caught the international travel bug a few years ago, and now we love to explore different cultures and to see the great big world that is out there!

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