I suppose this river cruise is all about relaxing, enjoying the sites of Europe, eating good food and tasting good wine, getting away from the big, busy City…and of course, spending time with my lovely wife.

But,………………………. I do like having access to the internet.   Thus far, after leaving Amsterdam, we have had little to no internet access.   I’m going through withdrawal at the moment.   The free wifi aboard ship has been utterly useless, and occasionally, when we pass a somewhat larger town, we get cell service.  But it is very spotty.   It’s made this trip like an old-fashioned cruise, pre-technology.

It has also made keeping up to date with this blog nearly impossible.  Uploading photos is a long, frustrating process.  I try to do it overnight, while we sleep.  It isn’t always successful.

Hang tight….I’ll try to keep posting as we go along, but I am also not going to lose sleep over it.  I am also posting pictures on instagram (which has been far more successful)….my instagram name is jfj_nyc.



2 Replies to “Cruising like it’s 1949…”

  1. Gosh, don’t stress over this. You can make notes (actually by using paper and pencil/pen) and then post when you do have more reliable access. You’re supposed to be having fun and enjoying yourself!! We can wait……

  2. I agree, we can wait.
    Please spend your time enjoying your trip. You can do the blog like a lot of others do….when you get home. It will be like having two trips.


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