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Last Taste of Barcelona

Barcelona was the perfect way to end our 2 week journey.  It has everything a curious traveler wants to see.  Beautiful old (and new) architecture, outrageously delicious food, friendly people,  a distinct culture with specific traditions, a fabulous infrastructure of metros/buses/ground transportation, beautiful weather, gorgeous parks, a great selection of hotels and reasonable prices….I could go on and on.   If Paris or Rome seem daunting to a novice or first time traveler, I would highly recommend Barcelona instead.  It has everything you want to see and is just the right size as to not overwhelm.  I’m not a paid spokesperson for the Barcelona Tourist Office….seriously….but Barcelona has become one of my top 3 favorite cities (after Paris and Rome).

For our last day in Barcelona, I decided not to do a detailed report of the day’s activities.  Rather, I wanted to share some images of the city that I took during our visit, which capture some of the flavor of this beautiful city.










When we had to say farewell to Barcelona, we decided to a taxi to the airport rather than the great Aerobus…and I have to say that the taxi fare was very reasonable…just under 20 euros.   The airport check-in was a breeze, our flight took off on time and we were on our way home from another fabulous European adventure.





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