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Lena’s Lens (photographs of our trip  from a 7 year old’s perspective)

Last year when we went to Paris, I made a blog post where I shared some of the pictures that Lena (my now 7 year old daughter) had taken on the trip.  It was a popular post, so I’m doing it again with her pictures from Italy.   She got a new camera for Christmas…so some of these photos she took with the camera and many of them are from her iphone.

When I downloaded her pictures and started looking at them, it was hard to tell if I was looking at her pictures, or my own pictures.  She’s matured a lot and she learned how to use the ZOOM on her lens…so you will see that a lot.   She is also still a 7 year old, so there are a few butt shots from sculptures….but her silliness is a part of her personality, so it’s only fair to show samples from all of her photographs.  It always interests me in what she decided to photograph…so there are many things that I saw but never bothered to photograph.

The pictures are random and are from our visits to Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Siena, and Rome.  Enjoy.

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