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Au Revoir, Paris

Today was our last day in Paris…tomorrow afternoon we fly back to New York.  We tried to make the most of our last day, and we savored every minute.  The day started early and went until very late in the evening.

To be too honest, after a long trip, I’m too exhausted to make a “real” blog post this evening, but I will share a few thoughts and pictures from our last day, with some captions.  We started the day at Notre Dame (we hadn’t been inside yet) and ended the day walking around the Tuilerie Gardens and the Louvre.  Last night was a beautiful evening…and at 10:45PM there was still twilight.  It will be a sad farewell tomorrow…this has been a great trip!

Another indulgent breakfast courtesy of our neighborhood boulangerie. In a few days it’s back to 0% fat yogurt and skim milk.


I’m sure my blog readers are a bit tired of seeing the insides of Cathedrals…but for me it never gets old.  Each one is different and has it’s own style and personality.  Notre Dame’s stained glass wasn’t the prettiest I’ve seen, but the sheer size of the Rose windows was amazing.

The massive front doors

A stop at the playground in Notre Dame’s rear yard

A quick walk across the Seine and we stopped at a cafe for a pick me up and a quick bite.  This place had little creme puffs with different flavors.  We tried cafe, chocolat and citron (lemon).  My coffee one was one of the best bites I’ve ever had.

Notre Dame in the distance
Lena has become quite the photographer on this trip…she takes my camera and knows what to do.

See how chic Paris is? Even the sewer workers set up their work area in an elegant way…one of the workers actually brought his own rose.

Walked by the Pompidou Center…it was closed today…there are too many art museums to see in Paris…it would take months to visit them all.

Walking the the Marias neighborhood, there are countless “Hotel Particuliers” which are 17th/18th century grand town houses for the aristocracy. They have been turned into museums, embassies, etc.

Musée Carnavalet, a museum about the history of Paris (and a former Hotel Particulier).

Picking up some last minute gifts…

Late lunch at our favorite…the Place des Voges

Last dinner at our Paris apartment…all from our farmer’s market…salmon and fresh green beans. Probably the only healthy thing we eat are our home made dinners…but this is vacation, no?
Sad faces….last meal in Paris.

We ended the day by taking Lena to the “fair” that is beside the Louvre, in the Tuilerie Gardens.   We all rode a few rides and yes, I even got back on that ferris wheel, but got some amazing views of Paris lights.

And on that note….this travel blog will come to and end.  It has been a truly wonderful trip.  Paris is a beautiful, elegant, vibrant city full of grand architecture, delicious food and chic & reserved people.  We will definitely be back.

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