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Stormy Weather: Our day at Disneyland Paris

Let me start by saying that all in all, we had a great day at Disneyland, and needless to say, no matter the weather, Lena had the time of her life.  She loved every cold, wet, miserable second of it!  And after spending the entire day in the rain, around dinner time, it stopped raining (for a little while) and we had a very nice (and mucho $$$) dinner with the Princesses and then we saw the spectacular light show at the Castle, so the day ended on a good note.

But the rain….oh the rain!  We haven’t seen sunshine in over 6 days! And it is starting to get to all of us.  It’s one thing to be in Paris sightseeing and have a little rain…the rain doesn’t get in the way, but who wants to walk around Disney in the POURING rain in a poncho??  It wasn’t how we envisioned Lena’s first trip to Disneyland.  And it was cold…oh, so cold.  This is really France’s version of summer?  It was around 58 degrees.  We all had on 3 layers and we ended up having to buy Lena another sweatshirt because her lips were turning blue.  It was freezing.  And did I mention the rain???

From the minute we arrived at the train station, everyone was scrambling to buy a poncho.  It was a little chaotic.  No one wanted to leave the station and have to walk thru the pouring rain.  We didn’t want to wait in the long line at the station, so we just headed out, hoping to find rain cover inside Disney.

But we arrived in Disneyland and we sort of made a pact to just say,…we are in France…at Disneyland…this is amazing…so let’s just make the most of a bad situation and have a good time!  And we did.  By far, Lena’s favorite ride was Big Thunder Mountain, a roller coaster…her first “real” roller coaster.  We rode it 3 times.   But she loved it all.  I don’t need to describe all of the rides…or make a fancy, long post today….I’ll just share some pics our day.

Waiting for Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

It’s a Small World….very, shall we say, 1950’s version of the world.

We rode the Molly Brown show boat…the voice overs (in English and French) kinda played on the stereotypes of Americans…the old west, etc…but it was fun.
Interesting fellow passengers on Show Boat
This was Frontierland…the food didn’t match the genre…I don’t think they ate Belgian waffles in the Wild West

Space Mountain…Lena wasn’t tall enough to ride

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